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18. the worst at taking compliments.


Khairunnisa Sekar Arumsari...
(Jakart, 18th of July 1994) 

...as known as HootOwl

here I am my mom and dad's little princess. I love and proud to be an Indonesian. I love to have a good relations with people around me. I actually not really good at socialization, but good enough to get attention.

English is my first (even I always get not-too-good scores at it), cause it's my dream to go abroad. I am my girls's, and they are mine. music is always be my mood booster. magazine is my bored-time friend. and mr. Forever Friend is my tears-healer. I love what I trust. I trust what I love. and I am not a super model, I still love eating fast foods.

this blog was made as a place to put away my thoughts--neatly arranged, for sure--and also to rebuild and get another brilliant idea to share. I love sharing my life. oops, only the general one, not the private one. but maybe you'll find many private-post-but-not-private-posts here lol.

so fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the flight ♡