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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time Flies, I Just Sleep

it's been ages the last time I visit this page. busy, stuffs. and guess what.. I'm already in my second semester of my college life! damn time flies so fast.

so right fucking now it's almost midnight with me myself and I got bored of my unlimited assessment then I just went to the old posts in this blog. About D's concert, weird stuffs, and this person that I used to know lol I'm laughing my ass off. but I just couldn't believe it it was almost 2yrs ago from my latest post.

Anyway in this post I'm just going to tell you about my life right now. then, here it is:

diambil setelah penutupan PSAF (kalo gaksalah hehe)

as you can see, now I'm a student at Universitas Indonesia. my major is Psychology and I'm adoring every single thing that I learn here, it's ke-ren.

UI is located in Depok while I live in Bekasi, so I go ngekosttttt. my room where I stay is actually gak gede2 amat, big enough to stretch your hands. but it is soooo homey! (I don't have the pictures, so I gotta take one.. later)


apalagi yang bisa gue bilang...

I think that's all dulu for today yah..

as I told you before, sebenernya gue lagi ngerjain tugas tp lg desperate bgt jadi main2 kesini sebentar hehe

so, I gotta go for now. smell ya later! *kiss*