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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Idol in POND'S Teens Concert

14th of July, duduk lemes di tangga sekolah galauin soal D. D dateng hari ini, tapi sekolah udah masuk, sedangkan segerombol ArchAngel beruntung yang di bandara rata-rata belom masuk sekolah. yes, I was galau so deep.

Mom&Dad didn't let me stalking him, I was so afraid I couldn't get something 'lebih' dari kedatangan dia kesini selain nonton konsernya.

 I didn't win any MnG contests, so, gue nyoba manfaatin waktu konser sebaik-baiknya. I tried to be on the front row, yang akhirnya bikin gue salaman sama D! dude, sure I was happy cause he could come to Indonesia, but I felt sad&guilty too, cause I knew I could only see him singing at the stage, when most of IAA out there had met him. I cried. but I knew I should happy to see him that night:')

 D's concert was so stunning. he let the people to sing along, jumping-jumping, dan nyalamin penonton di seluruh penjuru stage. I was enchanted to see him, he was shining brightly with his beautiful voice.

salaman sama D was paid enough, but I promised myself I'd run after D's place after I finished my study. that's why I'm working hard now so I can meet him personally, someday. D is really inspiring for me, his low-profile makes him +1000! he never forgot where he is from.

after 3years waiting patiently, that was really a dream came true for me; to only see David James Mayorga Archuleta, the owner of the world's cutest puppy's eyes:')

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