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Monday, June 13, 2011

believe me when I say, "TUMBLR IS MY LIFE"

puff long time no post uuuu I've been missing you badly (ʃ⌣ƪ) 

so now I just wanna tell you about my Tumblr. this site is awesomazing. you know I love all the stuffs from food to fashion; from scary to sexy; from Mickey Mouse to Adan Young, so that's why I can keep my eyes watching and my hand scrolling for hours. for hours!

this just like my life. I spend the weekdays and weekend at this site (only if the internet was connected). I laugh, I sing, I cry together with this site.

ok so lame, so I just wanna please you guys to follow my Tumblr. you guys who have one, don't forget to visit mine, then I'll follow you back. nooooooo problem I'll also will update this lovely blog as soon as possible, so see you soon!

 click it! click it! click it! click it! click it! click it!


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