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Monday, June 20, 2011

the attractive gifted man

you guys know why I named my blog 'a.k.a HootOwl'? I'm kind of addicted to Adam Young and all his songs and projects:) you know who's Adam Young?

this picture above is the picture of Adam Young. maybe you guys know him as Owl City... he was having a livestream called Five Things Live and Beautiful for the rehearsal of his new album All Things Bright and Beautiful.

I'm really in love with this attractive gifted man. why I called him attractive-gifted-man? because he makes allllll of his songs by himself . he makes the music, he sings, he plays the guitar, piano, drum, etc only himself. except for the live tour, he's helped by 5 people who play in violin, cello, drum, keyboard, and guitar (and also for the backing vocal). they are Breanne Duren, Laura Musten, Daniel Jorgensen, Hannah, and Casey Brown. and also he's really good at photography. check this out: Hobby Photography.

maybe you know one of his hit, Fireflies from the album Ocean Eyes. not only his 4 albums from Owl City that he made(Of June, Maybe I'm Dreaming, Ocean Eyes, All Things Bright and Beautiful), he also made many project before Owl City. one of them is Sky Sailing. you can see the banner in the right side of my blog anyway;) the genre of Owl City is Electropop, but for Sky Sailing, he made this project all in acoustic (guitar and piano), and I suggest you guys to hear them. they're all really beautiful.

his jokes is really sweet and innocent. just check his Twtter: @owlcity. he really know what should he do to haters! he knows haters gonna hate.

anyway, he really loves to dance! he really enjoys everything that he does. he is so sweet and adorable. you better check these:
(if  the gif doesn't work, click it to zoom it)


I think I'm just falling in love.

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