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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'M RETURN (just like a Superman)


haloooooo udah lama ya ngga post lagi, pasti pada kangen deh:3
well, I got LOT of things to do so I got no time to play around here. also my dad hadn't paid the bill yet-_-

and sooooo big big sorry for my readers and thank you so much visitors around the world who visited my site. sejujurnya ngga tau mau post apa hari ini._. tapiiiiii, berhubung ini udah 2011, bahkan udah bulan February, I'm gonna be telling you my resolutions in 2011!! enjoy~

2011 resolutions:
1. decorate room: change color, and stuffs
2. be as skinny as you can
3. don't get fooled, don't be a heart breaker
4. collect Supernatural, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, and Owl City stuffs more complete than before
5. comics? Detective Conan? Kamichama Karin? Magical Doremi? new comics? collect them all!
6. novels? Harry Potter? Sherlock Holmes? The Secret of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel? new novels? collect them all!
7. earn money yourself by selling stuffs like watch, bracelet, mp3 player, and others; also renting some DVDs and comics
8. working more seriously in the blog to earn money or just for fun
9. study relaxingly but serious; try to get the highest scores than your classmates
10. participate in every program to find more experience
11. save your money BY YOURSELF!
12. don't spend your money too much (by remembering point num. 2)
13. more shopping?:3 sure!
14. think twice if you wanna buy something at online shopping
15. try to hold on with your C3 til your dad 'back to normal'
16. try to pay everything with your own; start to manage your income-outcome
17. salon? at least once a month for creambath
18. brighten your skin
19. make sure you always have money in your pouch even only 20thousands
20. how if David Archuleta/Owl City/OneRepublic come to have a concert? lobby your parents, tell them at least you'll pay a quarter or half of the price; prepare everything, so you won't regret if they had gone from Indonesia
21. English is always #1 :-)

wellll, that's it! I think it works to me. but I'm not really sure about my finance, this year is going to be hard o.o

"when there's a will, there's a way"

I'm gonna catch you guys later, I got classes tomorrow and Geography test-_- I'm so not ready, byebye

p.s: love life? we'll see;)

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  1. when i open my blog, i read the title of your blog, so i became stalker haha :D