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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time Flies, I Just Sleep

it's been ages the last time I visit this page. busy, stuffs. and guess what.. I'm already in my second semester of my college life! damn time flies so fast.

so right fucking now it's almost midnight with me myself and I got bored of my unlimited assessment then I just went to the old posts in this blog. About D's concert, weird stuffs, and this person that I used to know lol I'm laughing my ass off. but I just couldn't believe it it was almost 2yrs ago from my latest post.

Anyway in this post I'm just going to tell you about my life right now. then, here it is:

diambil setelah penutupan PSAF (kalo gaksalah hehe)

as you can see, now I'm a student at Universitas Indonesia. my major is Psychology and I'm adoring every single thing that I learn here, it's ke-ren.

UI is located in Depok while I live in Bekasi, so I go ngekosttttt. my room where I stay is actually gak gede2 amat, big enough to stretch your hands. but it is soooo homey! (I don't have the pictures, so I gotta take one.. later)


apalagi yang bisa gue bilang...

I think that's all dulu for today yah..

as I told you before, sebenernya gue lagi ngerjain tugas tp lg desperate bgt jadi main2 kesini sebentar hehe

so, I gotta go for now. smell ya later! *kiss*

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Idol in POND'S Teens Concert

14th of July, duduk lemes di tangga sekolah galauin soal D. D dateng hari ini, tapi sekolah udah masuk, sedangkan segerombol ArchAngel beruntung yang di bandara rata-rata belom masuk sekolah. yes, I was galau so deep.

Mom&Dad didn't let me stalking him, I was so afraid I couldn't get something 'lebih' dari kedatangan dia kesini selain nonton konsernya.

 I didn't win any MnG contests, so, gue nyoba manfaatin waktu konser sebaik-baiknya. I tried to be on the front row, yang akhirnya bikin gue salaman sama D! dude, sure I was happy cause he could come to Indonesia, but I felt sad&guilty too, cause I knew I could only see him singing at the stage, when most of IAA out there had met him. I cried. but I knew I should happy to see him that night:')

 D's concert was so stunning. he let the people to sing along, jumping-jumping, dan nyalamin penonton di seluruh penjuru stage. I was enchanted to see him, he was shining brightly with his beautiful voice.

salaman sama D was paid enough, but I promised myself I'd run after D's place after I finished my study. that's why I'm working hard now so I can meet him personally, someday. D is really inspiring for me, his low-profile makes him +1000! he never forgot where he is from.

after 3years waiting patiently, that was really a dream came true for me; to only see David James Mayorga Archuleta, the owner of the world's cutest puppy's eyes:')

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(Full) My Idol In Pond's Teens Concert

hi guys! it's been along time I've been busy on my senior year. but khusus buat hari ini, I'm gonna brain-storming about this kinda title:p

so that time, sekitar bulan Juni, gue yang masih duduk di kelas 11 lagi heboh-hebohnya gembira soal datengnya salah satu band fav gue di akhir bulan Oktober nanti, was really excited. soalnya, to be honest, I'd never gone to a concert before. I googled anything to gain information about this band. but suddenly, at Twitter, I found out Pond's was gonna have PTC211 and the int'l guest star was David Archuleta!! gue, yang saat itu lagi di sekolah, sontak langsung teriak abis baca kabar kyk gitu. kebetulan saat itu gue pelajaran TIK disuruh ke labkom, gue lari aja mau buka internet dari sana. temen-temen gue udah pada tau kalo I'm one of the craziest ArchAngel in town, but Alhamdulillah mereka turut bahagia karena penyanyi fav gue akhirnya bisa dateng haha:'>

my freak-mate for these Archie thingy is Hana. tanggal 14 Juli, gue sama Hana duduk lemes di tangga sekolah galauin soal D. D dateng hari ini, sayangnya minggu itu sekolah kita udah masuk kyk biasa, sedangkan segerombol ArchAngel beruntung yang nge-stalk D di bandara rata-rata yang kuliah atau belom masuk sekolah. so yes, we were galau so deep.

setelah nangis berhari-hari(sebelum hari H konser) karena ngga dibolehin Mom&Dad to stalked him, akhirnya hari H tiba. bahkan mereka didn't let me to buy him a lil gift:' but they were nice enough udah mau nganter sampe Senayan dan nungguin sekitar 1setangah jam buat ketemuan sama temen kok, thankyou Mom&Dad:*

me: on the right; Andriani: on the left

lets just move forward. sebelum masuk ke venue, gue, Andriani, dan 2org temen kita makan dulu, dan kita baru masuk waktu GAC mau tampil. we watched their excitedly, sampai ketika sekitar jam 5 ternyata ada ujan deras! basah kuyup? ya. lanjut? ya juga! kita tetep excited meski (buat gue) lebih banyak ngga tau lagunya daripada tau lagu dari band-banf Indonesianya hehe:p

standing for ages, jumping-jumping, get a drink, sing along, dan nyerobot2 ke depan adalah seperangkat aktifitas yang kita lakuin hahahaha. after standing about 7-8 hours (and finally on the front row), my power was back again after I saw Nidji on the stage. yes, I like Nidji:-) and theeeen, about 2hours later, the superstar came out!

he came with a white V-neck T-shirt and pink shirt! uuu almost the same with my pink flowery shirt:p the venue was geting crowded and small....(penonton desek2an ngga karuan rebutan dapet barisan depan). ya know dude, I didn't really know what I felt that night. I was happy cause he could finally come to Indonesia. but I felt sad and guilty too, cause I knew that night I only could see him singing, when most of IAA out there had having MnG or stalked him. I cried. not crying like a baby ofcourse, my tears only fell one or two, cause I knew I should happy to see him that time:')

he sang total 18 songs, and also his new songs Love Don't Hate and Everything & More. he sang beautifully amazing. he covered remix Gotta Get Thru This & Message In The Bottle, Blackbird, A Thousand Miles, and Everybody Wants To Rule The World, and else are his songs from his first and second album. I was crying when he sang Falling Stars, my fav song of him. 

D sempat nipu kita kalo dia mau udahan dan lari ke belakang panggung. tapi akhirnya dia bilang mau nyanyiin kita sepasang lagu lagi. Those were A Thousand Miles pake keyboard, dan Crush.

akhirnya setelah lagu Crush berakhir, konser bener-bener berakhir. dia menyalami peononton dari ujung kanan hingga ujung kiri, sambil ngambilin hadiah-hadiah yang penonton kasih, termasuk blangkon. I was surprised cause D wore it ngga kebalik! he finally touched my hand that night, and I think that was paid enough for this year. mark this, FOR THIS YEAR! I promised myself I'd run after D's place after I finished my study. so that's why I'm working hard now so I can meet him personally, someday.

after 3years waiting for him patiently, that was really a dream came true for me. watched his concert was really brilliant. I was so enchanted to see him, he was so stunning, shining brightly at the stage with his beautiful voice. so that's it, my idol in Pond's Teens Concert was David James Mayorga Archuleta, the owner of the world's cutest puppy's eyes:')

Monday, June 20, 2011

the attractive gifted man

you guys know why I named my blog 'a.k.a HootOwl'? I'm kind of addicted to Adam Young and all his songs and projects:) you know who's Adam Young?

this picture above is the picture of Adam Young. maybe you guys know him as Owl City... he was having a livestream called Five Things Live and Beautiful for the rehearsal of his new album All Things Bright and Beautiful.

I'm really in love with this attractive gifted man. why I called him attractive-gifted-man? because he makes allllll of his songs by himself . he makes the music, he sings, he plays the guitar, piano, drum, etc only himself. except for the live tour, he's helped by 5 people who play in violin, cello, drum, keyboard, and guitar (and also for the backing vocal). they are Breanne Duren, Laura Musten, Daniel Jorgensen, Hannah, and Casey Brown. and also he's really good at photography. check this out: Hobby Photography.

maybe you know one of his hit, Fireflies from the album Ocean Eyes. not only his 4 albums from Owl City that he made(Of June, Maybe I'm Dreaming, Ocean Eyes, All Things Bright and Beautiful), he also made many project before Owl City. one of them is Sky Sailing. you can see the banner in the right side of my blog anyway;) the genre of Owl City is Electropop, but for Sky Sailing, he made this project all in acoustic (guitar and piano), and I suggest you guys to hear them. they're all really beautiful.

his jokes is really sweet and innocent. just check his Twtter: @owlcity. he really know what should he do to haters! he knows haters gonna hate.

anyway, he really loves to dance! he really enjoys everything that he does. he is so sweet and adorable. you better check these:
(if  the gif doesn't work, click it to zoom it)


I think I'm just falling in love.

Monday, June 13, 2011

believe me when I say, "TUMBLR IS MY LIFE"

puff long time no post uuuu I've been missing you badly (ʃ⌣ƪ) 

so now I just wanna tell you about my Tumblr. this site is awesomazing. you know I love all the stuffs from food to fashion; from scary to sexy; from Mickey Mouse to Adan Young, so that's why I can keep my eyes watching and my hand scrolling for hours. for hours!

this just like my life. I spend the weekdays and weekend at this site (only if the internet was connected). I laugh, I sing, I cry together with this site.

ok so lame, so I just wanna please you guys to follow my Tumblr. you guys who have one, don't forget to visit mine, then I'll follow you back. nooooooo problem I'll also will update this lovely blog as soon as possible, so see you soon!

 click it! click it! click it! click it! click it! click it!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


hey! you guys must know about an American tv series Supernatural, 'aight?
yes, I'm a fan
I have almost aaaaaaalll of the DVDs..........well, except season 6._.

so, yes, I wanna tell you about a cool site to watching video streaming of Supernatural. complete! try to click this --> "watch-supernatural-streaming"

what do you think? it's much easier than you thought. well, I'm buffering eps 1 season 6 right now, so I spend my time a while to post this☺

FYI, my twitter username is @sekarcastiel because that's my real name 'Sekar' and also I put one of my favorite character's name from Supernatural: 'Castiel'. played by Misha Collins as an angel to help Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) to stop the apocalypse.

woops, done for today, I'm watching~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'M RETURN (just like a Superman)


haloooooo udah lama ya ngga post lagi, pasti pada kangen deh:3
well, I got LOT of things to do so I got no time to play around here. also my dad hadn't paid the bill yet-_-

and sooooo big big sorry for my readers and thank you so much visitors around the world who visited my site. sejujurnya ngga tau mau post apa hari ini._. tapiiiiii, berhubung ini udah 2011, bahkan udah bulan February, I'm gonna be telling you my resolutions in 2011!! enjoy~

2011 resolutions:
1. decorate room: change color, and stuffs
2. be as skinny as you can
3. don't get fooled, don't be a heart breaker
4. collect Supernatural, Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, and Owl City stuffs more complete than before
5. comics? Detective Conan? Kamichama Karin? Magical Doremi? new comics? collect them all!
6. novels? Harry Potter? Sherlock Holmes? The Secret of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel? new novels? collect them all!
7. earn money yourself by selling stuffs like watch, bracelet, mp3 player, and others; also renting some DVDs and comics
8. working more seriously in the blog to earn money or just for fun
9. study relaxingly but serious; try to get the highest scores than your classmates
10. participate in every program to find more experience
11. save your money BY YOURSELF!
12. don't spend your money too much (by remembering point num. 2)
13. more shopping?:3 sure!
14. think twice if you wanna buy something at online shopping
15. try to hold on with your C3 til your dad 'back to normal'
16. try to pay everything with your own; start to manage your income-outcome
17. salon? at least once a month for creambath
18. brighten your skin
19. make sure you always have money in your pouch even only 20thousands
20. how if David Archuleta/Owl City/OneRepublic come to have a concert? lobby your parents, tell them at least you'll pay a quarter or half of the price; prepare everything, so you won't regret if they had gone from Indonesia
21. English is always #1 :-)

wellll, that's it! I think it works to me. but I'm not really sure about my finance, this year is going to be hard o.o

"when there's a will, there's a way"

I'm gonna catch you guys later, I got classes tomorrow and Geography test-_- I'm so not ready, byebye

p.s: love life? we'll see;)